Girl Talk – Back To School Shopping at Mr.

“Come on, Macy,” Alice said as she put on her collar. “It’s time to go back to school shopping at Mr.”

Macy yiped and barked. This was her favorite time of the year, even though she failed Basic Obedience Training when the yellow tennis ball rolled by her paws during the Sit and Stay exercise. But who wouldn’t fail that, she thought. Tennis balls had to be captured. She simply could not let a tennis ball run away; it was against her Aussie nature. Macy put on her collar with the pink bone tag and trotted after Alice. This year she planned on doing much better in her training. Less barking, more listening. She was convinced she’d get straight A’s and show up her older sister Alice who always excelled at school. Except for the excessive napping and getting into trouble for being the class clown.

Alice jumped onto the sofa and Macy followed, settling into the pillows as Alice turned on the laptop. 

“I thought we were going shopping,” Macy said. 

“We are,” Alice said. “We’re going shopping the simple and fast way. Mr. Chewy is an online store and their motto is “Delivering Pet Happiness.’ I am all about any company that delivers happiness right to my door, especially when the happiness comes in the edible variety.”

“Do you have your school list?”

“List schmist,” Alice said. “I know what I like and what I need. A girl needs two nutritious meals a day and plenty of in-between meal treats to get the best grades. And, if mom and dad, want me to do all of that sitting, staying, no barking stuff, than I need high-quality vittles.”

Alice scrolled through the options in the dog food section, filled with the best of the best healthy and natural brands.  She picked Blue Buffalo Adult Healthy Weight Dry Dog Food, her favorite.

“That’s good,” Macy said. “I’m watching my figure. And all the other dogs will be jealous of what’s in our lunch box.”

“Exactly, sis,” Alice said. “And price is right. We can load up on treats because the food is cheaper than you’ll find at other places. Plus we get free 1-2 day shipping on any order of $49 or more. That means good food gets here fast. Let’s check out the treats. An Aussie can’t herd and play on dog food alone. I need snacks for study hall.”

“Ooooooo,” Macy whined. “Sweet potato chews. Those are my favorite.”

Alice put the Dogswell Veggie Life Vitality Sweet Potato Chews in the Shopping Cart. Next, she selected Three Dog Bakery Classic Cremes Carob Cookies with Natural Peanut Butter Filling and then  Spoil Me Rotten Peanut Butter Dog Delight Treats.

“Hey, what’s with all the peanut butter? Macy asked. “Does everything have to be peanut butter.”

“If I had it my way, the entire world would taste like peanut butter. The grass, the sidewalk, this sofa. The whole world would be mine for the licking.”

“Cheese is my thing,” Macy said. “I like cheesy.”

“You’re cheesy alright,” Alice said. “Next time we’ll look for cheese.

Finally Alice chose Flossies.

“Those are Awesomesauce,” said Macy. “Mr. Chewy is the bomb.”

“Dude, the word Awesomesauce was so last year.” Alice said. “Besides, there’s no sauce on Flossies.”

Macy nipped Alice’s neck. “Whatevs. Flossies are made of beef tendon instead of rawhide. They’re healthier and their curly shape is fun. Order me two.”

Alice changed the quantity and then began checking out. Mom had already established an account on the site so ordering anytime, anywhere was easy. Mom liked Mr. Chewy. Ordering high-quality food and treats was easy and she could even pick up important items like Frontline at a great price. In fact, was founded by people who have a passion for helping pets and wanted a way to make the lives of pets and pet parents a little bit better! What started as a dream has since transitioned into a successful online pet retailer that provides pet parents a better way to shop for pet products and offers a major charitable program, supporting some of the nation’s best pet organizations. Best of all, Mom could pre-schedule regular orders to make sure The Girls always had the food and treats they enjoyed the most.

Alice finished checking out. “You know,” she said to Macy. “Mr. Chewy is our kind of company. They have a Rescue Network that helps dogs like us who came from a good rescue organization like the Aussie Rescue and Placement Helpline.”

“If it weren’t for ARPH, I wouldn’t be here,” said Macy. “And I wouldn’t have you for a sister.”

“Right,” Alice said as received the order confirmation. “And now we wait for Mr. Chewy to deliver happiness in one to two days. I can’t wait to dig into those sweet potato chips on the first day of school.”

“Flossies for Aussies,” Macy barked. “Flossies for Aussies!”


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