Snow Patrol


We got about 10 inches of fresh powder over the weekend. This morning, after being snow-bound for two days with only the mail carrier, the garbage collectors, and the neighbors with big trucks making it up and down our sort-of plowed street, Dave says, “this is when winter officially sets in.”

No doubt.

Tonight’s temperature and wind chill will be in the low single digits. Even Alice and Macy, who both love an ear-flapping romp through the snow are hustling out to take care of business in record-breaking time. Northeast Ohio isn’t Minnesota or Manitoba but it sure isn’t Cincinnati or Newport, Kentucky either. Amazing the difference a 3.5 hour drive through Ohio can make.

After shoveling the driveway Saturday and surviving 24 hours with nary a potato chip in the house, we trekked up to Walgreens to grab some essentials. I snapped a few quick shots on the way for the folks down south. (See below). The last photo shows our two pooches safely tucked in the warmth of the house, awaiting our arrival back home. Mushers they are not. 

Question: why does snow make everything so quiet? What is it about the white stuff that mesmerizes us? Maybe it’s nature’s way of reminding us to slow down and appreciate and respect our surroundings.





#1 Erin on 01.13.09 at 3:34 pm

I think snow on the ground actually absorbs sound!

#2 MAIR on 01.14.09 at 12:20 pm

told you you were moving to snow country – od at least more snow than Cincy

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