Here We Are In Paradise

It’s the Ohio Whiteout. Seems like everyone from Cincinnati to Columbus to Cleveland got the fluffy stuff. Does beachfront property sound good to anyone right about now?

p.s. to my sister Mary: Lots of cardinal sightings today. Dad must be making a birthday appearance.


Dave noticed several cardinals in the trees out front. My sister Mary has been told that birds are a sign that my dad (whose birthday is tomorrow) is visiting her. Maybe he made the rounds in Cincinnati and decided to see how his daughter up north was faring in the snow.



Snowpile on top of picnic table. I say we scrape it off, fire up the grill and pretend it’s summer.


Somewhere down there, we have a driveway. The piles on each side reach my shoulders.


Front yard. Our little bird feeder is struggling to hang on.


Clearly, we are all very worried about this snow emergency. Best to sleep through it.


Man, I wish everyone would shut the hells up so I can catch some god damned z’s around here. What’s with all this shoveling and plowing and moving around? Can’t a girl get some beauty rest?


Seriously, we’re really worried about this whole snow thing. Right after our 12-hour nap we’ll help with the shoveling and such. Really. Any minute now I’ll get off the sofa. Zzzzzzzzzz.

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#1 Sissy on 01.29.09 at 5:53 am

3 snow days and counting. Kelly may graduate and leave the next month to start college at the rate Lakota is piling up calamity days! Love the pictures.

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